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Photon Gear, Inc.

About Us

Photon Gear is a self-funded corporation started in 2000 in Ontario, N.Y., just outside of Rochester. Since our beginning over 8 years ago, we have grown to be a supplier of high precision lens assemblies -- particularly to the OEM market. We also provide optical engineering services on a wide range of projects.  We serve commercial, government educational institutions.

Photon Gear office


Our building in Ontario, N.Y. was built expressly for our business. The building heating and ventilation systems were customized in order to insure a stable, low noise environment for high performance optical testing.

Assembly areas include multiple clean benches for final assembly, and custom assembly stations for element alignment. Test areas include 5 optical tables, most have custom interferometers with wavelengths that range from UV to mid-IR wavelengths.  Our lab space includes other facilities for MTF testing, focal length measurement, and other alignment tasks.