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Photon Gear, Inc.

Custom Lenses

Photon Gear manufactures custom high-performance optical assemblies and opto-electronic products. These lenses can operate at wavelengths from the DUV (266 nm) to the NIR. We provide prototype and production support for OEM assemblies and we have delivered fully tested complex optical assemblies within two weeks of completion of the optical design.

We can design lenses based on your optical design, or design a new lens based on specifications. We have CodeV, Zemax, and FRED for in-house use.

Lens systems manufactured at Photon Gear:

RGB laser optics

A large field of view fisheye lens requires 16 elements in order to project a three color display over a 90 degree field of view. This lens was tested over the full field using a custom interferometer setup.

Visual optics for HMD
Visual military optics lens

Eyepiece and objective for a goggle system. This utilizes diamond turned plastic aspheric optics.


Ultra-small lens assemblies


A four element lens, LED illuminators, and camera are aligned in a housing and then sealed.  This camera is used in a remote inspection application.


Image relay lenses

Image relay lens

Finite conjugate imaging lenses are designed for a night vision application. MTF testing is used to assure system performance.

Null lenses for aspheric testing

large high precision null lense

We have extensive experience in building large null lenses for testing of large aspheres. This null lens has two elements spaced by about 8 inches, and is one of the smaller nulls we have built.

Laser scanning objectives

355 nanometer laser scan lens

Laser scan lenses are designed, built and tested for wavelengths from the DUV to mid-IR. All lenses are fully certified with interferometer measurements over the required pupil and field.


Lens assemblies for medical diagnostics


A motor and rotating waveplate is used to provide an economical means of a low-bandwidth intensity control in this optical telescope used for DNA analysis.


High NA objective lenses

High NA laser scan lens

Some of our most demanding lenses for semiconductor processing operate at high numerical aperture (0.9) and performance is better than diffraction limited, typically 0.03 waves rms.

Aspheric laser beam shaping


Plastic diamond turned elements are used for generating a flattop illumination profile from a Gaussian input beam.

Bar code imaging lenses


Lenses designed for use in a long depth of field bar code reader. We can design, assemble, and test bar code lenses prototypes with very short leadtimes.

Telecommunication lenses with
precise efl control

EFL controlled fiber array lens

This lens operates over the C-band and is used to couple the output of a fiber array.  The focal length is controlled to about 0.02%.


UV lenses


Lenses are assembled in a clean environment in order to ensure long life at UV wavelengths. We have interferometers at 355 and 266 nm.