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Photon Gear, Inc.

Optical Engineering

We provide a wide range of optical engineering services. For customers with a particular design problem, we develop an optical system solution that meets your specifications or refine a customer-supplied design for manufacturing. We also perform general optical consulting, including new product design, analysis including custom sofware development, or development of metrology instruments. We can utilize our in-house assembly and test capability to quickly investigate solutions to your optical problems without a large capital investment on your part.

Current design software tools include CodeV, Zemax, FRED, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD as well as in-house software for analysis of special application areas. 

Selected examples of engineering projects include: 

  • Interferometric measurements
  • MTF metrology of ophthalmic optics 
  • Laser telescope for medical instrument
  • Wide angle lenses for digital imagers
  • Visual optics for helmet-mounted-display HMD
  • Laser scanning objective lenses
  • Polymer optics for illumination
  • Military visual optics
  • LED illumination systems
  • Bar code reader optics
  • Null lenses for aspheric testing
  • Miniature camera lenses for 1/10" inch CCD cameras.